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The Addictions Curriculum

Addictions A

Gain an understanding of new theoretical and treatment approaches to addictive disorders, ranging from perversions and eating disorders to gambling and alcoholism.

Program Description

With such an intractable foe as addictions, it’s important to have an arsenal of approaches available within your repertoire of thinking so you, as counselor or therapist, are better equipped to do battle. This program highlights a variety of models for understanding and treating addictions, ranging from the traditional 12-step model (which is cognitive-behavioral), systemic family therapy, developmental, self psychology, and traditional psychoanalytic.

Learning Objectives

This program provides clinicians with the opportunity to:

Learn about the concept of “splitting,” which is crucial to the understanding of addiction.

Gain an understanding of why gamblers are difficult to engage in treatment, and learn innovative strategies for changing this.

Develop a clear understanding of how eating disorders develop and how to assess them.

Learn innovative methods of getting resistant adolescents to talk, and gain an understanding of addictions in adolescents.

Learn a new treatment protocol from a systemic perspective, in which alcohol is viewed by a couple as “the invader,” and the couple bands together to fight it.

Learn how relapses are dealt with from a cognitive behavioral point of view.

Learn how relapse may be related to unconscious fantasy processes.


Adolescent Substance Abuse - Peter Palanca, M.A.

Adolescents have always posed a unique challenge to therapists, and substance abusing adolescents push us to an even higher frequency. Here, Peter Palanca shares his methods of getting resistant adolescents to talk to him.

Alcoholism in Couples - Michael Rohrbaugh, Ph.D.

Dr. Rorhbaugh has studied the role of couple and family interaction in maintaining alcohol abuse. He has developed a couple-based treatment approach, which incorporates systemic principles and practices.

Eating Disorders - Joan Ebbitt, LCSW

Joan Ebbitt presents a clear understanding of how eating disorders develop. Like the old joke, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" full-blown eating disorders don't just happen. It takes a lot of practice to get there.

Engaging the Gambler - Mary Rich, Ph.D.

Dr. Mary Rich views gambling from a developmental perspective. Getting addicted patients engaged in therapy is a serious problem, major challenge, and not for the thin-skinned. Dr. Rich explains why so many addicts can't attach.

Fantasy and Relapse - Joseph Cattano, Ph.D.

Here, Dr. Joseph Cattano urges us to reaffirm the connection between addiction and underlying, unconscious fantasy process.

Perversions - Arnold Goldberg, M.D.

In this interview, Dr. Goldberg discusses his book and work on the topic of perversions. We present his interview first because Dr. Goldberg's explanation of "splitting" is so crucial to the understanding of addictions.

Relapse Treatment - Susan Flynn, LCSW

In these next two interviews, we look at the subject of relapse and hear two very different treatment approaches. First, Susan Flynn of Haymarket House in Chicago, discusses the approach used at her center.

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Client Testimonials

“I really like this process, as it gives time to think about and reflect on these subject matters. I wouldn’t mind doing more of these to earn CEUs”

... Rami H.

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