“Web Therapy” Actress Lisa Kudrow Plays the Worst Therapist Ever

If you have ever wanted to see examples of what NOT to do as a therapist, then you should watch “Web Therapy,” on the Showtime channel.

Here in this outrageous comedy, Lisa Kudrow portrays a mega-diva therapist, who can scarcely take her mind off herself, so she gives her patients 3 minute computer video sessions in a Skype like situation. Her sessions are short because she says she doesn’t want to deal with dreams and feelings and things like that.
This show will have you laughing hysterically and cringing at the same time.

Of course, listeners to On Good Authority’s continuing education programs would NEVER do the things this therapist does — you are all much too well educated!

Still, you might wish to check out our programs on “Online Therapy” and “The
Therapeutic Relationship, just to be sure you’re on the straight and narrow!