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Each program consists of informative and engaging conversations with fascinating professionals in the psychotherapy industry. All courses come with a downloadable audio file, transcript, online test, and certificate upon completion. Click on the program title for more details, including learning objectives, speaker information, and interview summary.


Review your state requirements.


Select and purchase one or more programs from our catalog to fulfill your needed renewal credits. An email confirmation with login details will be sent within minutes of your order.


Listen to the MP3 and/or read the transcripts of the interviews.


Login to your account, and take your multiple-choice test. You have three chances to score 75% or higher. Upon successful completion, save or print your certificate. Congratulations, you’re finished!

Currently, our programs through co-sponsor Netsmart University and other organizations are recognized by APA NAADAC, NBCC, CEP, ASWB, and others. For more details about our endorsements and accreditations for psychologists, social workers, addiction counselors, counselors, public guardians, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals, visit our Continuing Education page.

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Client Testimonials

“I really like this process, as it gives time to think about and reflect on these subject matters. I wouldn’t mind doing more of these to earn CEUs”

... Rami H.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is On Good Authority?

On Good Authority, Inc. (OGA) is an approved provider of continuing education for the mental health professions. Created in 1992, OGA provides over 40 programs for thousands of psychotherapy providers all over the country. Our programs consist of enjoyable and informative interviews (not lectures) with leading psychotherapy experts and teachers on their topics of expertise. These interviews are compiled into programs, which can be downloaded through our catalog. Each program comes with audio (MP3) and transcript of the interview. Interviews are conducted by Barbara Alexander, LCSW, BCD, the founder of OGA, a practicing psychotherapist, and educator.

How does this program work?

Please see the instructions at the top of this page for guidance on how to earn your CE credits. You can order your program online or by phone at 1-800-835-9636. If you order by phone, you’ll receive a default password by email so you can access your account to take the test after listening to the program. When you’re ready to take your test, simply log in to your account at the top of any page, and click “Test List.” You have three opportunities to pass the test (75% or higher). Once you’ve successfully completed the test, you will immediately receive your certificate of CE credit, which you may print out. You can also keep a copy of your test for your records if you wish.

Can I use the same program I bought last year to get CE credits this year?

Unfortunately, you can only receive a certificate once for the same program.

A friend/colleague bought a program from On Good Authority. Can I just use his/her tests?

No, each test is associated with one set of CE credits, so you must purchase your own programs and tests. Please note: On Good Authority programs may not be resold. Only the original purchaser of this course is registered to receive CE credit, although group rates are available (see below). Our programs and tests are copyrighted material. Making unauthorized copies is a federal, criminal offense. Additional tests may be purchased on this website.

While purchasing, I entered the wrong brand of credit card (Mastercard instead of Visa, for example), but the number and expiration date are correct. How do I fix this?

Our secure accounting system automatically recognizes the credit card brand, so your transaction will go through without a problem as long as the number, expiration date, and cardholder name is correct.

What happens after I place my order, and how long do I have to print the certificate?

After completing your order, you’ll receive emails with information on how to access the sound and tests for the programs ordered. You can download and listen to the programs, burn CDs, print out your own tests, and complete the short multiple-choice quiz online. There is no time limit for the quiz or creating the certificate after you pass. The certificate will indicates the date you passed the test, even if you wait to print or save it. The date you print or save the certificate will be noted next to the signatures at the bottom. If you need to change any details on your certificate or access it in the future, you can do this by logging in to your account and accessing the “My Tests” page.

I changed my mind and don’t want the programs after all. What do I do?

Our sales are guaranteed for 30 days. Within the first 30 days, we will refund your purchase as long as you have not taken the test. After 30 days from the sale date, refunds are not available. If you purchased CDs, send the CDs back in that 30 day period for a full refund, less shipping. Ship the product to: On Good Authority, 6 Horizon Lane, Galena, IL 61036. Please email us at to let us know about the return or to cancel your order. Refunds will be provided by check, not credit card.

Can I purchase multiple tests for a group? Do I get a discount?

Group orders are available by contacting On Good Authority directly. For groups/families where there is a desire to purchase one copy of a program and allow testing for multiple individuals, please email Please include the name of the individual who has purchased the program, the program’s name, and email addresses/names for everyone who would like to be included as part of the group program.

I am licensed in two states. How can I can multiple certificates?

Go to your profile. Change the license number to the number in the additional state or profession. Change the source of accreditation by using the drop down menu. Then click "update profile." You will then be able to download an additional certificate.

I can’t get into the testing area using my email address. What should I do?

This often happens when the email address you’re using to log in does not match the one we have on file. Try any other possible email addresses you could have used to create your account. If that does not work, please contact us at

My materials haven’t been delivered in the mail yet. What do I do?

If you ordered a program in the MP3 format, you won’t receive anything in the mail. You should have received an email with instructions on how to log in and access the audio. If you can’t find the email, send a message, and we’ll resend your login information. If you ordered a program on CD and have not received it, please email, and we’ll track it down for you. For further information or problems, email us at and we can check your account/test individually.

Are the exams difficult?

No. We recommend that you read the questions prior to listening to the interviews. Remember: the questions are based on the speakers’ presentations, not on the listener’s point of view.

What score will I need to pass?

You need a grade of 75% to pass. You have three opportunities to pass the test. If you don’t pass after three tries, you can purchase a new test for $15.

There is no correct answer to a test question (or too many correct answers). What should I do?

We have checked all the questions and guarantee there is only one correct answer in each question set.

I don't have a computer. Can I still use the programs?

Some of our programs are available on CD, but you will still need a computer to take your test. Most public libraries have computers and internet access if you don’t have them at home.

How can I get a receipt?

Upon purchasing your programs online, you’ll receive a confirmation email immediately. This email serves as your receipt.

I took my test a few days ago, but I haven’t received my score. What do I do?

We apologize for any inconvenience. Tests are graded automatically, and results are sent immediately. If you haven’t received your score yet, your test may not have been completed, or there may have been a system error. If you have your test printed out, please try logging in and taking it again. If you’re still having trouble or need additional assistance, email us at, and we’ll look into the issue for you.

How do I update my email address or password?

To update your email address, contact us at, and let us know what you need changed. To change your password, go to the home page, and click on "Login" at the top. Then, click on “Forgot my password." Complete the information requested, and your password will be emailed to you.

How can I tell which programs I’ve taken in the past?

Log in to your account, and click “My Tests” to view programs you have already tested for. If you bought a program before 2005 or don’t see the one you’re looking for, call us at 1-800-835-9636, and we’ll look it up for you.

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