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The Addictions Curriculum

Addictions B

Learn about advances in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of addictive disorders. (This program consists of interviews remastered and recompiled from other programs)

Program Description

Our culture supports addictive behavior. Mental health practitioners are on the front lines, dealing with the repercussions of our addictive society. This program presents new theoretical and treatment approaches to various addictive disorders.

Learning Objectives

This program provides clinicians with the opportunity to:
Be able to quickly assess alcoholism.

Gain an understanding of codependence and the concept of resilience.

Learn about eating disorders from the point of view of attachment theory and the work of Daniel Stern.

Learn about the treatment of gamblers from a self-psychological point of view.

Learn about narrative theory and its special relevance in treating addictions.

Learn that from the point of view of British object relations theorists, substance abusers use their addictions to fill voids caused by losses in early nurturing relationships.


A Quick Alcoholism Assessment - Robert Taylor, M.S.W.

Father Bob Taylor will give us a quick way to assess the presence of alcoholism.

Codependency - Nancy Smith, M.S.W.

Nancy Smith defines and examines the development of codependence in families, as well as the need for people to redefine the identities lost in childhood.

Eating Disorders and Attachment Theory - Linda Chassler, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda Chassler discusses eating disorders from the point of view of attachment theory and the work of Daniel Stern.

Narrative Theory and A.A. - Carolyn Saari, Ph.D.

Dr. Carolyn Saari is the author of The Creation of Meaning in Clinical Social Work, the former editor of the Clinical Social Work Journal, and former Director of the Loyola University School of Social Work's Doctoral Program. She discusses narrative theory and its particular relevance in treating addictions.

Resilience - Steven Wolin, M.D.

Dr. Wolin discusses “The Challenge Model,” which focuses on strengths honed in childhood under adverse childhood circumstances. This emphasis provides an alternative to the “damage-pathology” bias, which currently pervades the research and clinical establishments in psychology and psychiatry fields.

Response - Nancy Smith, M.S.W.

Ms. Smith explains the focus of treatment or intervention with adult children of alcoholics and codependents is not on their functioning. Rather, it’s on their feelings and how they deal with such areas as trust, control, fear, their own needs and wants, and all of the ingredients that go into establishing and maintaining an intimate relationship.

“Empty Core” Theory and Substance Abuse - Jeffrey Seinfeld, PhD

Dr. Jeffrey Seinfeld, PhD explores the treatment of substance abusers from a British object relations perspective, focusing on the abuser's use of chemicals as a replacement for the lost early nurturing relationship.

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Client Testimonials

“I found this a very helpful format and nice, leisurely pace of learning. I would welcome continuing the series.”

... Tina O.

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