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The Psychotherapy Curriculum

Psychoanalysis Today

Psychoanalysis is more alive than ever, as you will hear in these interviews.

Program Description

This program is a joint project with the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, in celebration of 100 years of psychoanalytic thought. Our goal is to share some of the many new ideas which have revolutionized psychoanalysis and made it more relevant for modern psychotherapy than ever. Many clinical examples are presented, and a refresher course on traditional Freudian theory is included.

Learning Objectives

This program provides clinicians with the opportunity to:

Become familiar or refamiliarize yourself with the theories of Freud.

Understand how learning takes place in the patient.

Learn how object relations theory can help your therapeutic work.

Understand how self psychology and intersubjectivity has changed the view and nature of the therapeutic relationship.

Learn about revised psychoanalytic theories regarding women and homosexuality.

Appreciate how new understandings of the therapeutic relationship can help violent children and resolve impasses in treatment.


A Freud Refresher mini-course - Mark Smaller, PhD WEBSITE

We'll review the basic core ideas of psychoanalytic theory developed by Freud in order to have a basis for contrast with the interviews in this program.

An Object Relations View of the Mind - Stephen Mitchell, Ph.D.

Author of Freud and Beyond, Stephen Mitchell, PhD, shares his clinical experiences of using object relations to help bring about profound changes in the world view of the patient.

Freud and Women - Marian Tolpin, M.D.

We'll learn about Freud's thoughts regarding women and the current views of the psychoanalytic community. Masculinity is no longer the baseline against which femaleness is contrasted.

Homosexuality - Richard Isay, M.D.

Dr. Isay, author of Being Gay, who argues sexual orientation is fundamentally constitutional and not subject to change. His ideas and activism were responsible for moving the traditional goals of the psychiatric establishment with regard to homosexuals away from its longstanding aim of using psychotherapy to turn them into heterosexuals.

Impasses - Mark J. Gehrie, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark, Gehrie, author of Impasse and Innovation in Psychoanalysis: Clinical Case Seminars, explains how these new views can be helpful in times of impasse (or being stuck) in a difficult period with a patient.

Intersubjectivity - Robert Stolorow, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Robert Stolorow, author of The Intersubjective Perspective, therapy is a system in which everything about the therapist and the patient combine and interact, as both parties attempt to make sense of and heal the patient's suffering together. In this conversation, we'll gain a basic understanding of intersubjectivity.

Learning in Psychotherapy - Fred Levin, M.D.

Dr. Levin, author of Mapping the Mind: the Intersection of Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience, discusses how learning takes place in psychotherapy and therapists can help bring about change in the patient.

Self Psychology - Arnold Goldberg, M.D.

Author of "The Problem of Perversion: A View from Self-Psychology", Dr. Arnold Goldberg gives us a basic understanding of self psychology and its importance in today's clinical practice.

Violent Children - Steven Marans, Ph.D.

We'll learn how these new principles apply in the streets and habitats of violent children.

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Client Testimonials

“I found this a very helpful format and nice, leisurely pace of learning. I would welcome continuing the series.”

... Tina O.

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