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The Children's Issues


Learn how the therapeutic relationship is vital to understanding and treating issues of development, depression, anger, and acting out in adolescents.

Program Description

Today’s adolescents are experiencing more diverse and difficult societal challenges on top of their developmental stresses. The main developmental task of adolescence – the establishing of one’s identity – presents some real mine fields for therapists. First of all, adolescents don’t want an adult to judge their behavior or give them advice. Second, adolescents can’t stand regression or anything that even suggests it. This situation places special importance on the therapeutic relationship. All of our speakers address this issue, whether in the context of psychodynamic, solution-focused, family, or cognitive/behavioral treatment.

Learning Objectives

This program provides clinicians with the opportunity to:

Become familiar with an alternative view of psychopathology in adolescence.

Learn how adolescent development in girls presents different challenges than in boys.

Learn how acting-out adolescents can be treated in a brief treatment, managed care environment.

Learn how angry adolescents can be defused, reframed, and redirected.

Learn how mourning and grief in adolescence shapes the developing child.

Become familiar with cognitive therapy treatment techniques for working with depressed adolescents.


Adolescent Psychology and Development - H. Spencer Bloch, M.D.

Dr. Bloch explains his model of conceptualizing acting-out behaviors in adolescence, developmental difficulties, predictors of an adolescent's ability to use peer relationships to facilitate emancipation, and the unique challenges faced by adolescents today.

Adolescents in Managed Care - James Alexander, Ph.D.

Dr. Alexander has developed a model for work with acting-out adolescents within a managed care environment. He discusses the goals of the first session, the motivation phase of treatment, positive predictors of outcome, and the biggest obstacles in overcoming delinquent conduct.

Angry Adolescents - Mark Masi, Psy.D.

Dr. Masi describes his model of therapy for treating aggressive adolescent clients, the primary tasks of this model, the important interactions which take place, and how to make connections with the adolescent.

Cognitive Treatment with Depressed Adolescents - David Wexler, Ph.D.

Dr. Wexler discusses his "freeze frame" technique in working with adolescents and how this strategy can be used to short circuit the behavioral pattern when the trigger is encountered. He also addresses the comments of his critics.

Early Adolescence in Girls - Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D.

Dr. Lloyd Mayer discusses differences in male and female development in early adolescence, how the interaction of social learning and biology produces salient differences, why adolescent girls experience pressure from parents, and how the gender of the therapist affects the treatment of an adolescent female.

Parent Loss in Adolescence - Colin Pereira - Webber, M.A.

Colin Webber, who has worked with parent loss for many years, describes the coping styles of children who have lost a parent, the difference between adjustment and internal processing, the challenges faced by adolescents dealing with the death of a parent due to their stage of development, and the defense mechanisms most likely to be used by a bereaved adolescent to protect against narcissistic injury.

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“The programs and format are simply excellent, to the point, and informative.”

... Milo Y.

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