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The Ethics Curriculum

Boundaries and Managed Care (Ethics 4)

Learn how to stop problems before they begin by deepening your sensitivity to boundary issues.

Program Description

The curious thing about boundaries is that the more you get into it, the less clear-cut it becomes. While there is certainly a need for careful maintenance of the most obvious boundaries (the real no-nos, like sexual relations with patients) and sanctions for those who violate, there are many situations, traditions, and practices in other forms of therapy where boundaries are murky. The speakers in this program address when these boundary crossings constitute negligence (justifying licensing sanctions and financial settlements) and when they are just plain good care.

Learning Objectives

The quality, ethical practice of putting patients first is important to stop problems before they start. The current climate for mental health providers presents unique issues for careful, protective consideration.

This program provides clinicians with the opportunity to:

Deepen their sensitivity to boundary issues.

Learn how to lower risk of censure by understanding issues regarding boundaries.

Clarify issues of disclosure, confidentiality, and boundaries in custody evaluations.

Critically reflect on their own performance as ethical clinicians.

Learn how to identify and resolve key issues regarding boundaries.

Learn how to establish and maintain ethical, positive working relationships with managed care companies on behalf of their clients.

Learn how to manage boundary issues in rural communities.


Boundaries - Barbara Herlihy, Ph.D.

Barbara Herlihy, PhD presents an overview and discusses boundaries in clinical practice.

Boundaries and Confidentiality - Ted Remley, Ph.D., LCC

Dr. Ted Remley discusses confidentiality in clinical practice. He presents an alternative to the extreme positions of documenting everything in ultimate self-protection and revealing nothing in the interest of patient protection.

Boundaries and Custody Evaluations - Brandt Caudill, JD

Dr. Brandt Caudill discusses the problem of boundaries in custody evaluations. This is a major source of ethical complaints.

Cooperative Relationships with Managed Care - Kathleen Desgranges, MSW

Kathleen Desgranges has been very successful in communication with managed care companies. In the first of these two interviews, Ms. Desgranges discusses how to establish positive working relationships with managed care companies. In the second interview, Ms. Desgranges discusses the most current, more relaxed trends of managed care.

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Client Testimonials

“Excellent programs. I actually learned new material for the first time in years. Thanks for this opportunity!”

... Deborah S.

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